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1. Name

a. The name of Society shall be “Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy” (Here in after referred to as Society).

b. Provincial chapters and Federal chapter comprising of Rawalpindi and Islamabad here in after referred to as “Provincial Chapter”.

2. Registratered Office

a. The registered office of the Society shall be PSG office No.29, 4th Floor Kehkeshan Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi-75400

3. Aims and Objectives

a. To provide a common forum for Gastroenterologists, both Medical and Surgical, in Pakistan, to exchange view, to encourage goodwill and cooperation amongst them.

b. To maintain, develop and extend relations with National and International Organizations having similar objectives.

c. To stimulate interest in the study and advancement of Gastroenterology and G. I. Endoscopy and its allied specialties in all possible ways including education and research.

d. To organize regular seminars, conferences and meetings for promoting exchange of views.

e. To publish scientific literature for distribution amongst the members.

f. To promote high ethical standards and safeguard genuine professional interests of its members.

4. Membership

a. Candidate for membership should be a Physician holding the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or Doctor of medicine recognized by Pakistan Medical council.

b. Candidate should have received his Bachelor or Doctor Degree at least five years prior to the election as a member.

c) Candidate should have either a Post Graduate Certification by American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Surgery, American Board of Radiology, American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery, American Board of Pathology or Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons or College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan indicating post graduate training in the field of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, i.e., F.C.P.S., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.S. or Diplomat American Board of Gastroenterology.

d. Candidate should have his special interest in Gastroenterology and submit evidence to support this assertion either presenting his work in post graduate courses, experience in various gastroenterological procedures and the evidence that candidate in the opinion of the Credentials Committee is “Actively Participating” in the practice of Gastroenterology.

e. Honorary Membership: The Executive Committee may recommend conferment of Honorary membership to any person who has rendered meritorious services for the advancement of the cause of Gastroenterology and G. I. Endoscopy.

f. Life Membership: Shall be open for full members having good standing for ten years on payment of a “Lump Sum” fixed by Executive Committee from time to time.

5. Procedure for Membership

a. Suitable persons desirous of becoming full Members/Associate Members shall apply to the Vice President of the respective chapter on a prescribed form forwarded to the credentials committee for approval. The approved name shall be read in subsequent General Body meeting, for confirmation.

b. The General Secretary shall then include the names in the membership directory.

c. In case of refusal from the membership the applicant may request for reconsideration to the President/ General Secretary (once only).

d. The membership form should accompany the registration fee and membership initiation fee in the form of a bank draft drawn in favor of Pakistan society of Gastroenterology and G. I. Endoscopy Karachi.

e. The credentials committee shall comprise of Vice President and four Executive Committee members of the respective provincial chapter.

6. Subscription

a. Full Membership
i.Registration FeeRs.200/-
ii.Membership Initiation FeeRs.2000/-
iii.Annual SubscriptionRs.500/-
iv.Annual International Membership FeeRs.250/-
v.Total Annual SubscriptionRs.750/-
b. Associate Membership
i.Registration feeRs.200/-
ii.Annual SubscriptionRs.300/-
iii.Annual International Membership FeeRs.250/-
iv.Total Annual SubscriptionRs.500/-
c. Life Membership
i.Once OnlyRs.5000/-
ii.Annual International Membership FeeRs.250/-
iii.The Subscriptions are subject to change by the Executive Committee as and when necessary.


7. Privileges and Rights of Full Members and Life Members

a. To attend and vote at all general and extra ordinary Meetings.

b. To propose and second candidates for holding office of the Society.

c. To propose and second resolutions.

d. Shall be eligible for all offices of the Society after being duly elected.

e. To receive publications of the Society, free or on such rates as the Society may determine from time to time.

8. Privileges and Rights of Associate Members

a. To attend, take part in discussions, in all general meetings, lectures etc.

b. They will not have voting rights.

c. To receive publications of the Society free or on such rates as the Society may determine from time to time.

d. All persons medically qualified who have demonstrated a continued interest in the field of Gastroenterology and G. I. Endoscopy shall be eligible for associate membership.

9. Cessation of Membership

a. Any member or associate member may resign from the Society by notifying his/her intention of doing so in writing to General Secretary. The resigning member shall be required to pay all the dues against him/her before his/her resignation is considered by the Executive Committee.

b. If the subscription is not paid within 3 months after the due date, the member shall be notified by registered notice, acknowledgement due and if after one month of this notice the subscription remains unpaid the membership may be suspended by the Executive Committee. Such member shall be eligible for readmission to the membership on payment of dues.

c. In case of a member going abroad, for a prolonged period, may be exempted from payment of the normal subscription by Executive Committee for the period of his absence.

d. Any member whose behavior and conduct had been derogatory to the objectives of the Society or the medical profession will be liable to have his name struck off the membership register, if the Executive Committee consider so, after giving the member concerned full opportunity to present his case in writing or in person.

e. The membership shall stand terminated in case of default of annual subscription for 3 consecutive years, subject to approval by executive committee.

10. Management and Organization

a. The direction of overall policy shall be vested in the hands of General Body which shall be the supreme body of the Society. It shall consist of all full members of the Society, who shall ordinarily meet at the annual General Body Meeting.

b. The Affairs and business of the Society shall be conducted and managed by the Executive Committee.

11. Office Bearers and Executive Committee.

a. Patron ……………………………………………………………….. One

b. President……………………………………………………………. One

c. Vice President (one from each chapter) …………………. Five

d. General Secretary ……………………………………………….. One

e. Joint Secretary……………………………………………………. One

f. Finance Secretary ……………………………………………….. One

g. Secretary Publication…………………………………………… One

h. Members ……………………………………………………………Twenty Two

i. Four members from each provincial chapter.

ii. Editor in Chief Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology.

iii. Immediate Past President of Society. (ii & iii shall be ex-officio members).

12. Election of the Executive Committee and Office Bearers

a. The office bearers and members of Executive Committee shall be elected for two years by a simple majority from the respective provincial chapter.

b. Full members desirous of being elected to an office of the society shall submit their names duly proposed and seconded as per procedure.

c. No office bearer shall hold the same office for two consecutive terms.

d. Mid-term vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be temporarily filled in by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

e. Election will be conducted by secret ballots under the supervision of three members. Election Committee appointed by the respective provincial chapter

f. There shall be five Vice Presidents, one from each provincial chapter.

g. The office of the President to rotate amongst all the provinces and federal chapter. h) Members from each province and federal chapter shall form the provincial chapter who shall elect a vice President and four Executive Committee members as per procedure.

i. The provincial chapter shall elect the president in due rotation for presentation to the general body meeting.

j. In addition Sind Provincial chapter will also elect General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Finance Secretary and Publication Secretary at every election.

13. Duties of Office Bearers

a. President

i. Shall preside at all meetings of the General Body and the Executive Committee.

ii. Shall guide day to day activities of the Society according to the Laws and Bye-Laws of the Society.

b. Vice President

i. Vice President of the same chapter shall deputize for the President in his absence and due to any reason for his inability to perform.

ii. Shall assist the President in organizing and advancing the cause of the society.

iii. Shall maintain accounts and present the annual audited statement of the respective chapter to the Executive Committee.

iv. Shall act as Convener of the chapter academic activities.

v. Shall be responsible for holding of elections as per laid down procedures.

c. General Secretary

i Shall be responsible to conduct/control day to day activities of the Society and conduct correspondence and in important matters with consent of the President.

ii. Shall convene and conduct all meetings of the Society and maintain Minute Book of the General Body and the Executive Committee meetings.

iii. Shall maintain a Membership Register.

iv. Shall appoint and dismiss salaried staff of the Society subject to the approval of the President and members of the Executive Committee.

v. Shall conduct any authorized business in the interest of the Society with the approval of the President and members of the Executive Committee.

d. Joint Secretary

i. Shall undertake all the duties of the General Secretary in his absence and assist him in his day to day duties.

e. Finance Secretary

i. Shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Society, to be regularly deposited in a branch of a Nationalized Bank approved by the Executive Committee.

ii. Shall present Financial Statement at the annual General Body Meeting.

iii. Shall receive all dues and settle all payments with conjoint approval of President and General Secretary.

iv. Shall be responsible for getting the accounts audited by authorized Auditors appointed by the General Body.

f. Secretary Publications

i. Shall be responsible for publications of the Society and approval of editorial board. ii) One publication shall be from the city of Lahore.

g. Publications

i. An editorial board shall comprise of a Chief Editor, an Editor and suitable members from each province.

ii. The Chief Editor for each publication shall be from the city of publication and shall have the powers to induct an Editor from the same city and appoint up to four members from each province on the Editorial Board.

14. Functions and powers of the Executive Committee

a. Shall lay down overall policy for conducting day to day activities of the Society.

b. Shall formulate rules from time to time for conducting its business so long as they are not inconsistent with the rules laid down in the Constitution of the Society.

c. Shall delegate any of their powers to a subcommittee consisting of such members as they shall think fit and to make such regulations for the proceedings as may be necessary.

d. Shall be empowered to appoint or dismiss persons in the employment of the Society and fix their remuneration.

e. To frame and make Bye-Laws to be later approved by the General Body at its next meeting, after notifying all members at least 2 months in advance of scheduled meeting. The Bye Law would only be operative after approval of the General Body.

f. Shall have full powers to administer and control the funds of the Society; scrutinize audited accounts and Balance Sheets prepared by the Finance Secretary before presentation to the General Body.

g. Shall approve to annual report prepared by the General Secretary.

15. Meeting of the Executive Committee

a. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year.

b. Ten members, one of whom should be an Office Bearer shall form the quorum.

c. The minutes of all proceedings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded in the Minute Book duly signed by the President at the subsequent meeting and approved by the Executive Committee.

d. Non-attendance for 3 consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee without showing any reasonable cause may disqualify the member from membership of the committee.

e. Midterm vacancies in the Executive committee shall be filled by Election by the Executive Committee.

16) Meeting of the Society

a. The date, time and place of these meetings shall be determined by the Executive Committee. b) General Body Meetings: The notice of at least 2 months shall be given for this purpose. c) Emergency Meeting: It shall be convened at a notice of 24 hours by the General Secretary on receiving a written request from at least 10 members or 10% members whichever is more.

17. Rules of all General Body Meetings of the Society

a. The date, time and place shall be fixed by the Executive Committee after giving due notice to the members of purpose.

b. One third of the members shall form a quorum.

c. In case quorum is not complete in a General Body Meeting, the meeting will be adjourned for half-an hour. The adjourned meeting shall be held at the same place after 30 minutes. The usual quorum is not necessary for such meetings.

d. The non-receipt of notice of the meeting by any member sent under certificate of posting shall not invalidate the proceedings of such meeting.

e. The President, or in his absence, the Vice President of the Society shall take the chair at the meetings. In case of the two being absent, the members present shall elect a Chairman for the meetings. f) The recognized method of voting shall be, by the show of hands and carried by the majority present, but a secret ballot may be demanded by a member. The Chairman’s decision after voting by secret ballot will be final.

g. In the event of equal votes on either side, President (or Chairman) will have the right of casting the decisive vote.

18. Finance

a. All sum received shall be regularly deposited in an assigned bank by the Finance Secretary as soon as possible.

b. All cheque drawn on the bank shall be signed by the Finance Secretary and the General Secretary. In the absence of either, Joint Secretary shall be authorized to append his signatures.

19. Amendment to Articles and Bye-Laws

a. The Society shall have the power to amend, alter, modify any of the foregoing articles and Bye-Laws provided such changes in the Constitution have no direct or indirect effect of subverting any one or more of the aims and objects of the Society.

b) Proposal for amendment to the Constitution and Bye-Laws with proper reference to page No; Article No; or Bye-Laws Nos., shall be submitted by the members at least 2 months before the General Body Meeting to the General Secretary. These will be discussed at the Executive Committee’s meeting and if approved, it will be circulated to all the members at least two months before the Next General Body Meeting. The latter Body will consider the proposed amendments and such amendments if confirmed shall come into force immediately, if passed by a majority of 2/3rd of the members. Presence of at least 33% of the total membership is mandatory.

20. Society Financial Year

a. The Society’s financial year shall be from 1st January to 31st December.

b. Annual dues notice shall be sent to the members in the month of November every year. c) A reminder latter shall be issued after 2 weeks.

d. It shall be mandatory for the members to clear dues by 31st December every year to retain “good standing”.

e. Nonpayment of annual international subscription fee by the life members shall not debar them from exercising the rights of membership.

21. Procedure of Election

a. All members whose names appear on the membership register and are in good standing shall be eligible to vote and contest the elections except Honorary and associate members who are not eligible to vote and contest elections.

b. List of voters and Nominations

i. A list of eligible voters of “good standing” members shall be prepared for the forth coming election by the General Secretary assisted by Finance Secretary.

ii. The valid list shall be made available for inspections in the office of the Society and offices of chapter Vice President by the 15th January of the election year.

c. Objections to the list should be sent to the General Secretary within two weeks of the issuance of the valid list.

d. Notice of submitting Nomination papers will be sent to each member by post, under Certificate of Posting, by the chapter Vice President, one month before the Biennial Election.

e. Nominations on the prescribed form shall be submitted to the chapter Vice President till 15th February afternoon in a sealed envelope and marked “Biennial Election”. Nomination papers received after closing date will not be entertained.

f. Elections postponed or kept in absence due to circumstances beyond the control of Society should be held as soon as conditions permit, keeping in view all the provisions required for holding the elections as provided in the Bye-Laws. The postponed election shall not be held if the period between the suspended elections and the next regular elections is less than 8 months.

g. Scrutiny

i. The nomination papers will be scrutinized by 3 members Election Committee, one of whom will act as Chairman.

ii. The Election Committee shall be nominated by the chapter Vice President with the approval of respective Executive Committee members.

iii. Withdrawal of nominations shall be acceptable up to 3 days before the election.

h. Election

i. Election shall be held in the capital city of the provinces in the month of February on fixed time, date and place as announced by the competent authority.

ii. The election shall be held by secret ballot within 10 days after the last date of submission of nominations.

iii. The election committee shall have full authority for control and management of the conduct of the elections.

iv. The election committee shall maintain absolute secrecy of the ballot.

v. The decision of the Election Committee shall be final.

vi. Any dispute relating to election matters shall be referred to the Executive Committee within 3 days whose decisions there on shall be final.

22. Legal

a. The General Secretary shall have the power to file or defend suits or other proceedings on behalf of the society and shall have the authority to compromise, settle or refer to arbitration any dispute relating to the Society with the written consent of the Executive Committee.

b. The Society shall stand dissolved if not less than four fifth of the total number of members of good standing vote for dissolution at a meeting convened for the purpose so decided, and the dissolution shall take affect from the meeting.

c. In the event of dissolution of the Society every member undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Society while member for payment of debts and liabilities of the Society contracted before he ceases to be Member and to the costs, charges and expenses of winding up for adjustment of the right of the contributors among themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding the annual subscription for full membership.

d. If upon the dissolution of the Society, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any properly whatsoever the same shall be given or having objectives similar to that of the Society, to be members present in person and voting at the meeting convened for the purpose, or in default thereof by the principal court original civil jurisdiction of the district in which the office of the Society is for the time being situated.